Genesis 5-6:6 – We Live, We Die

Welcome to Term 2! In church, the grown ups are learning from the very first book of the Bible – Genesis – and so are we!

Listening to the Bible


The CEV version is probably the most accessible for children, if they are able to read for themselves. You can find it online here.



This morning in kids church, I want you to think about who is the oldest person you know. Maybe it’s your grandma or your grandpa. Maybe your school teacher. Maybe it’s Tim Booker. And how old is that person? 60 years old? 70 years old? Even 80 years old? That seems like forever, right?

Well, I know someone even older than Tim Booker. Adam, the first man from the bible, lived to be nine hundred and thirty years old. Now THAT has got to be forever. But it’s not forever. If it was, Adam would still be here today, and I could ask him to do this talk instead of me. Nobody lives forever, right?

In Genesis chapter 5 we learn all about the sons and grandsons and great-grandsons of Adam. There was Seth and Enosh and Kenan and Mahalalel and Jared and Enoch and Methuselah and then Noah, who I’m sure you’ll hear about next week. And almost all of them lived to be over nine hundred
years old.

And at this time, Adam wasn’t the only one having kids. The bible tells us that people were having kids everywhere, and the humans were starting to spread all over the Earth. But they weren’t doing the right things. Genesis chapter 6 says that God saw how great the wickedness of the people was, and so he felt sad that he had made the people.

Now, it was because of God’s spirit living in them that Adam and his children were able to live such long lives. So God, whose spirit gave life to everyone, decided “My spirit will not live with humans forever. Their days will be 120 years.” And that’s why people don’t live to be 930 years old anymore. Because God decided that no-one here on Earth could live forever. Everyone’s life will end.

But as Christians, we don’t have to be scared of death because we know that God gave us another chance. God said his spirit wouldn’t live with humans forever because they were doing the wrong thing, they were sinning.

But when God sent his son Jesus to die, he took away our sins. And so if we believe in Jesus when we die, we can go to heaven, where we can live with God to be even older than Adam. Even older than Tim Booker. We can live with God forever.

And that’s the promise that God offers to all people. Just like Jesus, we can be raised back to life to live with him forever. So to end this week of kid’s church, I want to encourage you to talk to the oldest person you know, on zoom or skype or on the phone, however you like, and see what they know about God. And you can tell them what you’ve been learning about him from online kids church these past few weeks.

  1. Why did Adam and his children live for such a long time?
  2. Why did God decide to make people’s lives shorter?
  3. How long did God say people’s lives would be on Earth?
  4. How does Jesus solve the problem of death?
  5. BONUS QUESTION: How old is Tim Booker?

Helping it stick


  1. Pray for your grandparents, or any other older people in your life. Even though they will not live forever on Earth, pray that God will keep them safe from COVID and anything else that might hurt them.
  2. Thank God for giving us another chance, so that we don’t have to be scared of death, and we can live forever with him.
  3. Pray for a friend or family member that isn’t Christian to come to Jesus, so that you will be able to see them there when you go to heaven.


Memory Verse

 “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”

Romans 3:23