MATTHEW 25:1-13: The King is Coming Back

Welcome to Term 3! This term we’re learning from Zechariah and Matthew.

Listening to the Bible

Read: Matthew 25:1-13

The CEV version is probably the best for this week’s passage, if they are able to read for themselves. You can find it online here.



Make sure you discuss these questions with a family member!

  1. Who were the girls waiting for?
  2. What did the girls do while they waited for the King?
  3. Who did the King take into his party?
  4. Who didn’t go into the party?
  5. Who is the King like in the story?
  6. Where is Jesus now? What is He doing?
  7. Why isn’t everyone on earth getting ready for when Jesus returns?
  8. Will Jesus take you into heaven with him when he comes back? How can you be sure?

Helping it Stick


Think of some friends and family who do not know Jesus. Spend some time praying for them that they will be ready for Jesus.

Memory Verse

I will remove the sin of this land in a single day.

Zechariah 3:9b


Find the print-out here.

Page 1: Print out the page and colour in or use tissue paper to cover the lightning bolt.

Page 2: Print out the page and decorate the lamp. Decorate the flame using red cellophane. Or, search your house for a milk carton or egg carton or a small box. Use items at home to create your own lamp/torch.

Page 3: Print out the page of the crown- if possible make a copy on cardboard. Option 1: use glitter, stickers, cellophane, silver and gold paper to decorate the crown. Option 2: Use food colouring to colour a variety of pasta shapes. Glue the pasta shapes onto their crown. Option 3: Buy a packet of short crust pastry. Cut a crown shape. Make some icing and spread onto the crown. Decorate with lollies- a great morning tea snack!

Page 4: Print out the page. On each of the five points of the star, ask your child/ren to write five things they have learnt from Matthew 24 and 25 about Jesus’ second coming.

Page 5: Print on cardboard (if possible). Cut an A3 sheet of paper into long strips (length of the girl template). Trace around the girl template on one end of an A3 strip of paper. Fold the paper back and forth in concertina fashion. Cut around the girl template, then unfold to reveal a string of girls. Count off ten girls and cut off excess. Draw five happy faces and five unhappy faces.