Jesus rose from the dead

Printable lesson plan here.

Listening to the Bible


The CEV version is probably the most accessible for children, if they are able to read for themselves. You can find it online here.



  • From Good Friday: why did Jesus have to die on the cross?
  • What did the women find in the tomb?
  • Why is Jesus resurrection important?
  • Why didn’t the women say anything to anyone?
  • What are we supposed to do with the news that Jesus has risen?
  • Have you ever tried to tell anyone about Jesus? How did you feel?
  • What are some ways you can tell people about Jesus yourself or ways you can get them to hear about Jesus?
  • Write down 3 friends you have that need to hear about Jesus.


  • Thank God for Jesus – that He died for our sins, that He rose to life again, that He gives us life
  • Say sorry for our sins, that Jesus had to die for.
  • Ask God to help us tell our friends about Jesus. (The 3 written down especially)
  • Ask God to help our friends come to trust in Him and help us to trust in Him!

Helping it stick


Make a little tomb with a rolled away stone. See printable lesson plan at the top of the page.