What We Believe

All groups have something or someone that brings them all together, and our church is no different.
We at Guildford Anglican have been brought together by Jesus Christ.

Our story begins by realising that none of us are perfect. But we have been created by a God who is perfect. The loving God who made you and me also made all the stars (and calls them by name), and keeps alive what he has made (Psalm 147:4-9). The whole universe is created and governed by him. The one true God that created everything was so powerful, and yet did not stay distant from us, but spoke to us and told us to love him. The sad thing is that, despite God’s love and care for us, despite talking to us and making us for a relationship with him, we have rejected his will for our lives. As a result, all the relationships we could have, with God, with nature, and with each other, have been fractured, and our rejection deserves death. We need saving.

God made sure that our story didn’t end there though. And aren’t we thankful?! Because while we were acting like enemies of God and rejecting Him, God the Father sent his only son, Jesus, into the world to save us (Romans 5:6-8). Our rejection of God deserves death, but the greatest news ever is that Jesus lived a perfect life (did not reject God’s will once), and he paid the penalty for our rejection by dying on a cross. His perfect death covers the cost of our rejection—and that’s why we call Jesus, our Saviour. This is amazing, because while we deserved to be punished, God offered the open hand of forgiveness for all who turn to him (and away from a life that rejects Him), and says that Jesus is our Saviour (Romans 10:9, Acts 16:31).

What is even greater is that Jesus rose from the dead after three days to prove that death could not hold him—death is defeated! Many have died for noble causes, but no one else has ever died to save the eternal relationship of humanity with God. Jesus’ resurrection proves that his death was effective in putting to death the power of sin and promising a new creation (1 Corinthians 15:54-56).

This is why our story isn’t over yet. Here at Guildford Anglican, we await the day when Jesus returns. On that day, God will judge the living and the dead, and for those who have been saved by Jesus through believing in his name will be called into heaven with God!

As we look around, we see all the pain and anguish this world is under and how the global rejection of God has caused so much heartache. That is why we cling to the true and sure hope that Jesus is returning to make all things new and that one day, every tear will be wiped away. We cling to the comfort of God’s love for us.

At Guildford, we are all brought together by this story. This is our story of how we have come together and what we believe—and it could be your story too. Come along and find about who Jesus is at any of our services or contact us here.