We believe that Jesus Christ, God’s own son, came to earth to save us from our sins.  Each Sunday we learn about God from the Bible, we pray to God and we share our lives with each other with a meal.  Please feel welcome to join us at our 8am (Traditional), 10am (with kid’s programs) or 6pm service.  All services are in English and a detailed description of what the services are like is found here.

What to expect

Coming somewhere new is a daunting prospect for most of us!  We would love for you to feel as welcome as possible when you come to Guildford so we thought we might let you know on what to expect when you come.  As an example, arriving at church for our 10am service will generally go like this:

At the welcome/reception area some members of the church will greet you there and give you a number of things:

  • A bulletin – this is the outline for the day but also has information on what is happening at church, contact details, banking details and points that we are praying about as a church.
  • A name tag (we all get one and it makes it easier when meeting people to know their name).
  • A welcome pack – this will give you a bit more information on the church and a small gift.

From there you will enter the main part of the church building where we meet together and have a chat before the service begins.  During this time, you may hear the band rehearsing.

There will be someone at the front who will lead everyone through the service and let you know when we will stand and sing or sit and listen or pray.  A service usually consists of hearing a Bible talk, prayer and songs.  At the end, we usually all enjoy some food together.


We are located on the corner of Bolton St and Guildford Rd – a 2 min walk from Guildford station.  There is some parking on site, but also see our parking map for a more detailed description if you drive to church.

On the parking map, the blue circle is the church building where there are limited parking spaces.  The red lines indicate recommended parking areas on the street, with the red square indicating the nearest parking lot within walking distance.