God wants all of his people to be loving and serving one another. He wants all of his people to take the good news about Jesus to the world. But God has also given his church leaders to train and equip his people to do these things.

Tim Booker


Tim is our Senior Minister. He is married to Anna, and they have three boys, Willem, Joel and Ryan. Before starting at Guildford in January 2007, Tim was the Chaplain to the 3rd Battalion of the Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR) for three years.

He loves eating and keeping fit, and loves talking about Jesus to anyone from any background or any culture. Tim believes there is nothing more important than knowing God and enjoying the great new life that he offers us in Jesus – that is why they are the focus of all our gatherings.

Anna co-ordinates the Music Team and Kids Ministry Team for the 10am Family Service, heads up Guildford Giggles (our Friday playgroup) and Scripture teaching during the week.

Karen Lawson-SMith


Karen serves as one of our Assistant Ministers. She enjoys sharing Jesus with kids, youth and women each week. She misses the coffee of the inner-west but thinks the south-west’s food (and the people!) make the move worth it! She’s recently discovered a new pastime to let off steam: boxing with her housemate!

Matt Tyler


Matt is one of our Assistant Ministers, with a particular focus on youth, young adults and tech. Matt and his family joined the team at the start of 2019. He is married to Ellen and has three kids – Tom, Elizabeth and Harry.

They moved to Sydney from Newcastle a few years ago, and although they miss being close to the beach, they’ve fallen in love with the diversity of people, cultures and food in Guildford. Matt comes from a background in Architectural Technology and loves bringing order out of chaos and helping people have “light-bulb moments” about God, Jesus, and the Bible. When he’s able, Matt enjoys historical fiction books, hiking and snorkeling.

Ellen helps Anna with the Guildford Giggles playgroup, coordinates creche on Sundays, runs a Bible study for young mums, and ends up feeding a lot of people.