We partner with and financially support various groups and people who are growing God’s kingdom here in Australia and across the world.

LJ and Maria Custodio

LJ and Maria, with Jessa, serve in South East Asia with SIM. They mentor Christian leaders, teach at a seminary, run ethnoarts workshops, and Maria is the SIM team coordinator in the southern part of the country. More about SIM.

Phil and Lil

Phil and Lil, with Susannah and Joanna serve in West Asia with Wycliffe. Phil works with locals on Bible translation projects and teaches at a Bible college. Lil disciples local women. More about Wycliffe Australia.

Richard and Helen Barwick

Richard and Helen serve in Hong Kong with Crossroads Foundation, a non-profit organisation serving global need. More about Crossroads Foundation.

S and C

Serve in the Middle East


A number of our members have sponsor children with Compassion, a Christian organisation that is Christ-centred, child-focus, and church-based. More about Compassion Australia.