Zechariah 7-8: The Heart of the Matter

Welcome to Term 3! This term we’re learning from Zechariah in the Old Testament.

Listening to the Bible

Read: Zechariah 7-8

The CEV version is probably the most accessible for children, if they are able to read for themselves. You can find it online here.


To watch the story of the Unjust Servant, see here:


Make sure you discuss these questions with a family member!

  1. In Zechariah 7, God tells us that we are to be kind and to show mercy. What does ‘mercy’ mean?
  2. Remember the story in ‘The Heart of the Matter’? Did the first man show kindness and mercy? How do you know?
  3. What was different about the heart of the second man?
  4. Your friend, Tom, says he’s a Christian. But all day long Tom’s been teasing the new boy at school and calling him names. Tom says it’s because the new boy got him a lunchtime detention. And even though you’ve reminded Tom he must forgive the new boy, Tom ignores you and keeps on teasing. Tom even says to you, “I love God! That’s enough. It’s none of your business how I treat the new boy.”
    What do you say to him?

Helping it Stick

Real Life

  1. Think about the child at school who is always teased and who sits by themselves. What do you do? 
    1. – Tease them like everyone else in your class?
    2. – Try and ignore them and play with your friends?
    3. – Go, sit with them and try to help them?
  2. How can we be kind to people who may need help?
    For example:
    1. – the poor
    2. – the person who can’t speak English
    3. – The people who have had either a father or mother die
      What kind things can we do for these people? 


Father God, thank you for being so amazingly kind to us in Jesus. Please help us to show that same kindness to others. Help us to care for people who can’t take care of themselves. Amen.

Memory Verse

I will remove the sin of this land in a single day.

Zechariah 3:9b


Make a card for someone you think would benefit from receiving one.